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    GaM: Community Hud Rules

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    GaM: Community Hud Rules

    Post  MiSs ToX1c on Wed May 18, 2011 9:59 pm

    Community Hud Rules

    1. All 10 community rules are to be followed.

    2. No Spamming - This forum is for discussing the community and forum issues. Such as bugs or the staff. (note most staff complaints should be sent via PM)

    3. Do not post a thread if you don't have a proper reason for doing so.

    4. This forum is specifically for announcements within the community and clan. Sign ups will usually be found in the Upcoming Events section of the forum.

    5. If we catch any bad behavior you will be warned. So behave yourselves.

    Staff sign ups and positions will be posted from time to time. If you wish to be a forum assistant an application and signup thread will be found here.

    If you have any questions there is a FAQ thread also posted up in the Community Hud.

    If the questions you have aren't answered in the FAQ please be sure to PM me or any of the Community HUD staff.

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