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    GaM: General Discussion Rules

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    GaM: General Discussion Rules

    Post  MiSs ToX1c on Wed May 18, 2011 10:25 pm

    General Discussion Rules

    In General Discussion, we welcome casual discussion and serious debates. Here you may make threads for any form of topic (science, politics, breaking news, life, etc) as long as they encourage ideas and promote discussion. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to PM a General Discussion staff member. Thank you.


    1.) GaM 10 board wide rules are always in effect.

    2.) Respect: One of the most important rules in General Discussion is displaying respect for the thread topics, and your other members at all times. While this rule falls under GaM's 10 board wide rules, GD staff wants to add that this does not mean you can’t debate a poster’s opinion or stance on an issue, in fact you should do this but outright attacking them or saying they are completely wrong without facts to back up your statement will not be tolerated.

    General Discussion can seem a harsh place, but your opinions are on public display and will be treated as such. If having your opinions, beliefs, or ideals questioned is not something you can tolerate you should not be posting them.

    3.) Spam: If at any time you spam a topic, it will be removed and you will be asked to stay on topic. Continuing to spam after that may lead to a warning, probation, or ban.

    4.) Coherency: Please display proper writing in your posts. Display thoughts and comments as clear as possible so others can understand your point of view on any subject. Any posts written in short hand will be considered spam and therefore removed. This rule also implies to quoting another member’s post and simply saying you agree with his/her statement. You are to post your own thoughts in addition to quoting another member’s post

    5.) Dead Topics: Please do not bump any thread listed past the second page. Doing so will result in that thread being locked, if you wish to discuss the issue presented in a dead topic, we encourage you to make a new topic for it and bring your own (original) discussion to light. If you find a thread or topic questionable, please PM one of your General Discussion mods.

    6.) No Double Posting: If you wish to add something to a recent post, please make good use of your "edit post" button. Double posting is not allowed and you will be warned for it.

    7.) Duplicate Threads: Do not make multiple threads on the same topic. If you do, a General Discussion moderator will lock it and direct you to the existing thread. The ONLY time this rule does not apply is if: The thread has died (or is no longer on the first two pages) OR if you wish to make a debate topic out of a topic that is in discussion (please refer to the debate rules.)

    8.) Content Rule: When creating a new thread, it is now required to include a certain level of content in the opening post. Firstly, the issue being discussed should be clearly defined. Secondly, any relevant information on the subject should be provided, such as a link to a news article in a thread regarding a current event. Thirdly, you should always include your own opinion or stance on the matter.

    Debates and Live Debates:

    All debates need to be identified as such in the thread title. The rules of debates are the same as in discussion, except that anything remotely off topic or off point will be filtered out of the thread by a GD mod. You can request that a debate be made official between you and another member, open to a team, or the general population of the forum. For debates against another individual or team, please contact GD Staff to facilitate it. GD staff can arrange debates via Skype for those who desire a fast paced live debate versus one that is posted on the forum.

    Skype Infirmation:
    [will be added shortly]

    From time to time topics may get intense or heated, keep in mind everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and while good can come from discussing their point of view, nothing good will arise at debating the same points repeatedly. We don’t try to change a person’s beliefs or ideas, but rather getting them to see other sides of a particular issue. Again, NO INSULTS will be tolerated. These aren't allowed in real debates, they won't be allowed here. GD Staff expects debates to stick to the facts of the matter, and opinions to remain about the topic at hand. Debates are not about or won by who can make the best insults, but who can make the best use of facts.

    If at any time you wish to discuss a discrepancy, or have a comment or concern about a General Discussion moderator, please PM MiSs ToX1c, if your issue is with the decision of MiSs ToX1c than contact GaM Commissar.

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