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    GaM: Chaos Corner Rules

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    GaM: Chaos Corner Rules

    Post  MiSs ToX1c on Wed May 18, 2011 10:32 pm

    First off:

    General Forum Rules(click to view)


    PG13 Media Only - No nude pictures, porn, or any sort of disturbing and/or disgusting images are allowed in Ramblings without moderator permission.

    No Flooding- Defined as either posting more than five new threads in Ramblings in a one hour period without staff permission, or bumping a load of dead topics, which causes the previously active threads to drop off the first page. Please refrain from renewing topics that lie after the first four pages- these threads are dead and need to stay that way. (rule under peer review)

    No Breaking Threads - Do not break threads using any hack; this includes using a broken table code or making a never-ending post. This includes: posting mass amounts of pictures, words, and blank posts. Purposely broken threads will result in a lock and possibly a warning.

    Respect The Thread Author - Confusion over this recently has caused a few changes. If you wish a person to not post in your threads, send them a PM instead of asking in the thread. If they continue, tell a mod and they will handle the issue. This is, however, up to moderator's discretion.

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