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    GaM: Entertainment Zone Rules

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    GaM: Entertainment Zone Rules

    Post  MiSs ToX1c on Wed May 18, 2011 10:52 pm

    Entertainment Zone Rules:

    1: All GaM Boardwide rules still apply. That means no flaming, no baiting, no trolling, etc.

    2: Let sleeping threads lie. If you wish to discuss something and there is already a thread for it, but it hasn't been posted in for a month or longer, we'd prefer it if you made a new one instead of bumping the old one. This makes it easier for new discussion to start instead of people rehashing old arguments. Threads will be locked at page 50.

    3: It can be hard to separate criticism of a film/band/sport from criticism of a person but please try. Of course, this goes both ways, just as you should never assume that someone criticising a film you like is criticising YOU, you must also take care to, if you are going to criticise, to do it to the medium, not the person.

    4: Spoilers are heavily frowned upon. Nobody likes a movie being spoiled for them, so please try to avoid unmarked spoilers whenever possible and if your thread has spoilers in it, we ask that you have a warning either in the title or as the very first line in your thread.

    How to spoiler things correctly (none of these are real spoilers)

    Bad example of a spoiler: I got sad when that dude died
    Why it's bad: There's no spoiler.

    Good example of a spoiler:
    I got sad when that dude died in that movie.
    Why it's good: Because in order for the spoil to be spoiled the user needs to click the spoiler in order to see the spoiler. Yay.

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