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    [Shop] Buy Ranks - Make Suggestions

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    [Shop] Buy Ranks - Make Suggestions

    Post  MiSs ToX1c on Thu May 19, 2011 7:40 pm

    Welcome to GaM Rank Bar Shop

    How this works:

    You can purchase special forum ranks, that will appear in your profile as you post. A list of all the ranks will be posted along with the titles that go with them. Any of the special ranks you see on the staff can also be purchased. (note regular moderators do not have special ranks only head mods and admins have some)

    There are also non special ranks such as just plain colors that will be available for sale.

    Prices for each will go like this platinum will be the highest, gold will be the second highest and standard will be the lowest.

    Platinum ranks: [You must complete 5 sets in firefight, custom games on legendary, alone, regular firefight settings MUST be used]

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    Gold ranks: [You must complete 4 sets in firefight custom games on heroic, alone, regular firefight settings MUST be used]

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    Standard ranks: [Complete 2 sets in firefight custom games on heroic or legendary with a buddy or alone, standard firefight settings MUST be used.]

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    In order to pay, you must provide the video and link the firefight game via b.net. You can find that game history via your game history on your profile. To provide the video you must post video to your fileshare then link the video to the forums, we will then download and watch as soon as we see it posted.

    (you new rank will be up within the next 48 of your post if not sooner)

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